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We are committed to offering small-batch collections that transcend fleeting trends. Elevated classics with relaxed fits and premium materials are our signatures. Each garment is carefully handcrafted in Bali using certified eco-friendly fabrics and plant dyes, strengthening our unwavering dedication to Mother Earth.

By weaving together the essence of slow fashion with the enchantment of slow travel, we aspire to both captivate your senses and appease your conscience on your next vacation.

Our founder

With Taryn at the helm, Fauna The Label embodies not only her creativity and passion for island life but also serves as a platform for advocating environmental responsibility within the fashion industry. As a Pacific Northwest native with a penchant for travel, particularly during the cooler seasons, Taryn envisioned a travel capsule wardrobe. This evolving collection is available year-round, providing a shopping experience for those planning their next warm escape regardless of the time of year.

Through her designs and the ethos of her brand, she aims to inspire others to make mindful choices and embark on their own journeys rooted in sustainability. For Taryn, it all began with making more conscious decisions in her closet.